IYC would like to make a special thanks to the following sponsors for providing great prizes for some of our club races. It’s a great motivator for the younger sailors to be rewarded with a prize, no matter how small.

If anybody would like to sponsor any of the races, please drop us an email or contact the committee. Details on the Contact Us page.

Specialize in serving the local market and to provide the best customer service and highest quality sails no matter what your goals are on the water.

Tel: 021 593 1620 / www.ullmansails.com

Southern Charter Wealth Management

Tel: 021 700 1000 / www.southerncharter.co.za

Quiver Outdoor Gear

Tel: Tel: 021 824 5371 / www.quiversportsgear.co.za


Jewish Maritime League which contributes to development sailing in Cape Town.

Tel: 021 422 0076 / www.jml.org.za

Pizza ~ deliveries and takeaways, Lakeside, Cape Town
Tel: 021 788 3032
Cut to size rope, braid and twine.
One of the foremost retailers of rope, braid and webbing products in the Western Cape.
Tel: 021 701 0020 / www.ropeworld.co.za/


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