This list is far from complete or necessarily accurate. The official club records have been lost and this is an attempt to recreate them. If you can verify or add to the list please email

Springbok / South African Colours

1989: Greg Davis (North American Finn Championships, Marblehead, USA)
1983: Gary Holliday (Laser World Championships, Gulfport, USA)
1994: Simon Crone (Mens 470, IYRU World Championships,La Rochelle, France)
2002: Gareth Blanckenberg (Laser – ISAF World Sailing Games, Marseilles, France)

Springbok / South African Youth Colours

1981: Gary Holliday (IYRU Youth Worlds, Sines, Spain)
1993: Ryan Collins: (Optimist World Championship, Menorca, Spain)
1994: Gareth Blanckenberg, Ryan Collins (Optimist World Championships, Italy)
1995: Fin de Haan (Optimist World Championships, Finaland)
1996: Gareth Blanckenberg (ISAF Youth Worlds Championship, Newport, USA)
1997: Gareth Blanckenberg (ISAF Youth Worlds Championship, Fukuoka, Japan)
1997: Fin de Haan, Stephen Rhodes (ISAF Youth World Championships, Simon’s Town, South Africa)
1998: Gareth Blanckenberg, Stephen Rhodes (ISAF Youth Worlds Championship, Simon’s Town, South Africa)
2001: Chris Joubert (African Games, Alexandria, Egypt)
2002: Chris Joubert (Optimist World Championship, Texas, USA)

Olympic Games

2000: Gareth Blanckenberg (Laser, Sydney)
2004: Gareth Blanckenberg (Laser, Athens)

All Africa Games

2007: Gareth Blanckenberg (Laser, Algiers)

Western Cape Colours

1975: Gerry Norris (Xtra Class)
1977: Gerry Norris (Xtra Class)
1979: Gerry Norris (Xtra Class)
????: Warren Wilson
1995–1996: Paul Allardice
1989: John Rhynhoud
1990: John Rhynhoud
2001: Chris Joubert, Markus Progli
2002: Markus Progli

National Champions


1995: Paul Allardaice


1995: Ryan Collins
1996: Ryan Collins
2000: Markus Progli

Laser Radial

2002: Markus Progli