A brief explanation about the team results follows: The points scored are based on the high point scoring system called “Chips 3” and is part of the Sailwave program used for scoring. A detailed document can be found at http://styvechale.net/pdf/chips3.pdf  

Junior and high school teams create a team with 2 boats per team. If a school does not have enough sailors to create a team, then a “ghost” member is added automatically who scores zero points (remember, this is high points scoring). Two Double handed boats are also considered a team even though there are hour youth sailing.  

Schools are encouraged to enter as many teams as they can, even if incomplete, as the Chips 3 scoring system rewards sailors in larger fleets with more points than those competing in smaller fleets.  

The overall junior or high school team result is calculated by adding the points of a schools best team (two boats in the same class) with the points of that schools’ next best sailor who competed. The “next best sailor” can be from any of the school’s other team(s).  

A school’s team or teams are decided by the school and submitted on the entry form.