You should all have received an email from the Secretary of ZSC with a link to the Voting Form.

Attached, you will also find a copy of the Minutes of the AGM as well as the proposed resolutions which you will be voting on.

Please read through these documents carefully. Attached to this email is An Open letter to all ZSC members penned by Judy.

We would like you to please note the following:

The voting form which you received was not in the format that was discussed at the AGM. Since the last ZSC AGM there has been a dramatic change in attitude towards IYC at ZSC committee level. PCC members hold a 6:3 majority on
the committee and have used that to further the interests of PCC to the disadvantage of IYC.

The proposed increase in ZSC membership fees to R1500 or even R1250 was not discussed at any ZSC Committee meeting, or at least none that IYC representatives were invited to. We had no knowledge of this proposal prior to the AGM. The last committee meeting was held on 12/2/2020 and a fee increase to R1000 was proposed. Only once I queried this, was the R1000 added to the voting form. We feel that we should have had input into these discussions due to the significant impact this could have on our club.

Please note that no budget was presented at the AGM. We have no idea how this figure was derived.

Greg Moss proposed that the contribution to the Financial Reserve Fund be split according to membership, which is the current method of calculation for the special levy. This should at least have been included as an option for the FRF. This is a more fair way to determine the contribution as PCC can stack canoes one on top of each other, which gives them an advantage in calculating land usage. Please note that this was excluded from the minutes of the AGM.

We feel that the whole voting structure is unjust and highly prejudicial. Please refer to the open letter for clarity. Since then, Judy has asked the secretary (Siv) to distribute the open letter to all ZSC members. He has refused to do so, claiming that this is not the forum for that and that in time, Judy would understand.

The sentiment is clear……IYC is irrelevant and does not deserve to have their voices heard.

Dear IYC Members