1. Loan of equipment is at the sole discretion of authorized persons on the IYC Sailing Committee.
  2. Preference will be given to members and beginners who have completed a sailing course at IYC.
  3. Hirer accepts sole responsibility of the dinghy whilst in his/her care.
  4. Hirer is liable for any and all repairs and maintenance to the dinghy (dolly, hull, covers, sails, foils, running and standing rigging) whilst in his/her care.
  5. Dinghies may not be manned by more crew than she is designed for.
  6. Dinghies may not be removed from the club without permission.
  7. Damages must be reported immediately and repaired at the soonest opportunity to prevent further damage.
  8. Sailors must adhere to club safety rules and obey the officer of the day.


I am aware that neither Imperial Yacht Club (IYC), nor it’s Members, nor sailing instructors, accept responsibility for any injury, damage, or loss, to person/s or property that I or any member of my family may sustain whilst engaged in any sailing or other activity at, or arranged by IYC; and I waive any right that I or my family or guests introduced by me to IYC may have to claim compensation against IYC or any of it’s Members, staff or sailing instructors in respect of any such injury, damage or loss incurred, howsoever arising; and I indemnify IYC, it’s Members, staff and sailing instructors against any such claims by me, my family and guests, or by any other party arising out of such damages by or to me or any member of my family, and I warrant that I have fully disclosed to all such persons that they are present at or engaged in all activities at IYC, entirely at their own risk.