Imperial Yacht Club’s courses are designed to provide a fun, safe and enjoyable introduction dinghy sailing. The courses guide children through an introduction sailing, the fundamentals skills and theoretical knowledge that get them started as a solo sailor, and discover ultimate freedom of sailing dinghies.

Safety equipment, the boats and instructors are all included in the course fees, just bring a towel, change of clothes, suncream and hat, and a snack. Any thing in the cupboard that can get wet is perfect. Once enrolled, we will send an detailed information sheet that will give you everything you need to know and bring.

Zandvlei offers a safe training and coaching facility ideally suited for learning to sail and taking part in other water sports. Just outside the club is the “duckpond” which offers a safe haven for novice and new sailors get going, and the main vlei is in full spectator view from the club house and sailors are never far from shore, or can stand in most parts of the vlei.

Courses are available from young people and adults with little to no experience, advanced dinghy racing coaching programs. The club offers local schools a fantastic opportunity for student of all abilities and interests to take up sailing as a regular sport and participate in school sailing competitions both at the club and around the Western Cape and the country.

While many sailors enjoy the challenge of competitive racing, many come down to the club just to share the social scene with friends. IYC encourages people of all abilities and ages to enjoy and participate in sailing, whether competitively or as recreationally.

Youth sailing is a challenging and rewarding experience that will increase self-awareness, build self-confidence, develop a sense of responsibility, an appreciation for the environment, and respect for nature.

The coaches in our learn to sail programs takes youth through various courses, each build on the other, until they are confident and skilled to navigate their dinghy around a course safely.
Sailing courses build many different characteristics in young people and some of the more profound qualities are:
  • Teamwork: Sailors have to learn to help each other on and off the water. On the water safety is paramount and one of the important founding rules of sailing.
  • Self confidence and esteem: Sailing coaches work closely with learn to sail students to overcome one obstacle at a time. There are aspects of sailing that are daunting, such as capsizing, and overcoming these challenges builds confidence to know they can overcome obstacles with planning and preparation.
  • Awareness: Knowing what your limitations are, how to overcome them, and awareness of the world around you is key to safe and enjoyable sailing. Wind is invisible, but yet you can see evidence with the trees, ripples on the water, and feel it on your skin.
  • Work ethic: Sailing requires physical and mental work ethic. The more you put in the more enjoyable sailing becomes and quickly sailors gain confidence. The greater the work ethic, the quicker mastery of sailing develops and rewards reaped.
  • Learning to learn quickly: Sailing coaches will also make learners aware of the subtleties of how a boat responds to wind, water (tidal flows), and effects of body movement. A young sailor will learn that nature is unforgiving and learning to become sensitive to the surrounding environment is important part of learning to self-learn.
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