South African Class Website:

The RSTera has become a popular training boat and gained popularity at training schools due to its robust design and quick setup and fun on the water experience.

The boat has been designed to provide a good sailing experience for both novice and experienced sailor. For this the “Tera” the boat comes in two setups, the Sport and Pro. The Sport is for lighter and less experienced sailors and the Pro provides a faster and more exciting ride.

As well as being a versatile child friendly dinghy, it is quick to rig and easily transportable (light enough to lift onto a roof rack). The design of a single hull and two rigs gives the owner an affordable option that will provide many years of fun sailing. It is perfect for juniors from 30kg up to older sailors of 70kg.

The RSTera is commonly used at sailing schools and take part regularly at club and GrandSlam regattas. The class also take part in the Junior National Championship and also have a class championship. Each year the class select a team to take part in the RSTera World Champs which is held in a different country each year.